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Jeremy John Griffiths

Award Winning Producer/Director: 

Jeremy Griffiths began writing, producing and directing television programming in 2002, with program series such as Vine & Dine, Notes On Sound, and Training With Pros TV, which aired on various stations and networks across Canada and the USA from 2002-2014. These titles are soon to be released on Amazon Video Direct.

Background Education:

Jeremy studied Audio Engineering and Recording Production at Recording Arts Canada, and business at Niagara College. He honed his overall production, skill-set in Sheridan College's ATVF program with producing and directing as master classes.

Producer's Statement:

It's simple really, just kidding! It's more like going to war, as they say, and you need to be properly financed and prepared, with a dedicated team of talented, reliable people to make it happen.

Jeremy Griffiths

Director's Philosophy:
It all starts with a great story! Throw in some, fabulous, passionate acting, with stylistic lighting, and then make it all dance with some interesting camera movement and choreography. Top it all off with a great soundtrack and score.
I love watching the idea come to life!

Jeremy Griffiths

Production Manager

Alexa von Kaldenberg

Producer/Production Manager:

Alexa began her career working as a Video Technician at Voss AG, Dusseldorf, where she  handled technical assignments, system conversions and editing jobs.


In 1996 she began working with RTL Direct AG & Co KG, Luxembourg, where she supported  the department heads responsible for On-Air Promotion and  Master Control - Scheduling of the technical facility and all employees.

In 1997, Alexa moved on to Image Plus Media GmbH, Cologne, where she assumed the role of Assistant Manager, handling the scheduling and logistical organization of projects through the design, film shoot and post-production phases. She also functioned as the main line of support for employees and headed the office management with bookkeeping, payroll, petty cash, invoicing/ estimates responsibilities, as well as reviewing contracts for freelance artists.


Alexa studied Production  Management at Medienschule Erftkreis which included studies related to organizing film productions, their cost and calculation, the  technical aspects of filmmaking, contract law and copyrights and data management.

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